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The Old Courtyard:  A Brief History

Walking through the streets of Fort Cochin in January 1999, Jacob and Rose Kuruvinakunnel saw the ruins of a house that belonged to a prominent Jewish family in the area, The Koders. The house that would eventually become The Old Courtyard, belonged to Lily Koder. 


It was love at first sight for proprietor, Jacob Kuruvinakunnel. He saw the potential of the 200 year old ruin and put everything he had into re-creating the gorgeous bungalow into the Heritage Hotel it is today. Along with retaining the original arches and pillars, he kept to the original Portuguese style in which the house was built. 

Today, The Old Courtyard Hotel, from the outside - an unassuming building with a little door that leads into the courtyard. A courtyard, that has, over the years become a tiny little Oasis peppered with plants and flowering orchids and a Jacuzzi pool. The rooms, all located from the ground floor to the second floor of the building, decorated in the colonial style with antique furniture.

So, if you love character in a place to spend a few days in while exploring Fort Cochin. This hotel is for you!